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The farmhouse of the “EL ENCANTO” farm dating from the 17th century and the Roman remains related to the ancient winemaking that were found in the surroundings were our motivation to start this project.

After restoring it, we have been making our wines in it for 5 years, nowadays we have started with the restoration and construction of the new winery to have more space and offer more quality to our red wines.
To obtain the current quality of our wine we mix tradition and technology with night manual harvesting, selection table and gravity incubating. Depending on the plot and the grape variety, we carry out different elaborations, experimenting continuously and trying to learn in each harvest.

We use steel tanks, barrels, although the success of our wines is in the lands the environment and the climate.
During our tour in the farm “EL ENCANTO” located in the payment MEAPERRITOS the land is muddy albarizas in the lower part and white albarizas de barajuela in the upper parts of the farm.

This is precisely where our wines made from Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Tintilla de Rota come from.


Petit Verdot

Bodegas Luis Pérez


Bodegas Luis Pérez


Bodegas Luis Pérez

Marismilla 2015

Bodegas Luis Pérez